Who is Soul Love?

Soul Love Online has been co-created by Aaron & Greer; a twin flame couple who have joined together in Love, Life & Service to assist in the awakening & liberation of Humanity at this pivotal point in our evolution.

Born & raised in Tasmania, Australia both Aaron & Greer had grown up close together yet it was not until they both independently committed their Heart & their life to honouring their Soul's whispers, that their paths met.
  • We are at the dawn of a new era of our species where humanity honours & prioritises peace & harmony within the self, intimate relationships, family, society & the planet.   
  • ​The children of today hold many of the keys to our bright new future, and its our responsibility to ensure we love & nurture our children in a way so that their gifts & natural soul expression shine through.
  • ​This requires us as parents (or future-parents) to honour & embark upon the journey of becoming more conscious: transcending our past & ancestral patterns, childhood pain & becoming responsible for our conditioning - so as to minimise the negative programs & beliefs we pass on to our children.
It's been Aaron & Greer's direct experience that each of us have access to an inner compass that acts as a portal through which our inner wisdom arises & guides us. This spiritual guidance system is our 'heart's knowing', & will always lead us to make the highest choice.

Their lives have fundamentally changed since meeting, & their relationship continues to be the greatest source & inspiration for their personal healing, awakening & Soul embodiment. 

Since the initial "Frequency Shift" workshop Aaron & Greer ran together in February 2017, they have gone on to run multiple transformation retreats, couples retreats & spiritual workshops in Australia & New Zealand, as well as online Self-Awakening courses with clients from around the globe. 

They now manage Soul Love Online together from their home in Tasmania whilst caring for Greer's two precious daughters half of the time, and their beautiful baby boy. 

They bring with them wisdom from our own lineage as well as thousands of hours of training, studying, practicing & embodiment. They are committed to their ongoing path of expansion & awakening, and to share all that they learn from their life & professional experiences with those they serve. 

The intention of their work is to assist in the birthing of a new consciousness here on Earth: Through the awakening of hearts; the inner union of Masculine and Feminine energies; & deep Soul remembrance & embodiment. 

Their joint Mission is to bring the temples back into the Home; to make the home a Holy space where everyone can live with deep peace, whilst thriving on every level.

This is what Aaron & Greer bring to their work, and what they offer those they so support; so that you too may... 
Live & Love From Your Soul xx

More About Aaron
Hey, I’m Aaron Baldock and it’s my life’s mission to lead humanity in awakening their hearts and embodying their Divinity.

It’s been my experience, and I’ve witnessed it in others, that when we awaken and recognise ourselves as spiritual beings, we begin to elevate our consciousness to one of unity, for we all have a soul, and our soul is of the one Source.

We see that we are all connected and there is a higher power at play.
It's one thing to recognise that we are spiritual beings,
it’s a journey and process to truly EMBODY our soul...

- A journey that requires expressing and holding the frequencies of love, compassion & peace and a process of working with and integrating the ego.
And although this work may sound like rainbows and unicorns, the fact is, it takes immense courage, commitment and faith to truly transcend and release the lifetimes of conditioning and suffering to embody our authentic self,
the light of our Soul.

It’s my passion to support people through this process and it brings me immense joy to see people break free from the limitations of the past, take action towards their hearts desires and align their will to the Divine.

More About Greer
Hello Beloveds!  My name is Greer & it’s my purpose to guide awakening souls on their journey of Divine-remembrance. 
I’m passionate about supporting my brothers and sisters to discover the power, grace and universal support that arises when they free themselves from the conditioning of the past, embrace their untamed heart, and embody their sacred truth.

It was my own journey of realising that despite a large part of me feeling extremely blessed with my life, there was a part of me that yearned for more. 

I had come to the realisation that something was amiss: despite having so much. (Including a loving family and two delightful, healthy children, my life did not fulfil me in the way I thought it would & should).
I was dissatisfied with societal norms & of the way so many people accepted stress, drama, busyness & feeling exhausted as a normal & acceptable part of life. I was hungry for deeper meaning and a stronger devotion to the Divine.

It’s been my journey of self-liberation, deep self-knowing & self-acceptance, that now enables me to give and receive love, pleasure & purpose from a place of true abundance. 

Nothing fulfils me more than witnessing clients rediscover that they are worthy of being loved, exactly as they are, as they courageously stand in their authenticity, devote themselves to their deepest values and highest truth, and consciously call in a life that is in true alignment with their Divine self, purpose & grandest dreams.  
Together, we are Soul Love Online & we support 
singles, couples & small groups 
in awakening their heart centres & 
deepening their capacity to give & receive love.
May all beings live & love from the Soul.
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