Free Online Training for those
on the conscious path ...
Awakened Expression™ Training
Alchemise your triggers into gifts 
& your disconnect into intimacy
with this FREE training that will
clear the confusion around
conscious communication.
With Your Hosts...
Aaron Baldock & Greer Ashley
Founders of Soul Love Online & Hosts of 
Top Spiritual iTunes Podcast, Soul Love Online Podcast

Working with singles & couples in awakening their heart centres & deepening their capacity to give & receive love; So that we all may live & love from the Soul.
What You'll Learn On This FREE Training for Awakening Souls!
A clear step by step
process and model
for functional and mature communication
Discover the gift of being 'triggered' and how turn it into growth, healing & intimacy
Identify the unconscious dysfunctional patterns aka 'common
 "They have absolutely changed my life in ways that I never would have thought possible - you just can’t put a price on happiness" ~ Pearl, QLD, Aus
 About your hosts: Aaron Baldock & Greer Ashley
Hosts of Top iTunes Podcast... Soul Love
Clowning Around With The Family

Aaron & Greer are a twin flame couple who have joined together in Love, Life & Service to assist in the awakening & liberation of Humanity at this pivotal point in our evolution.

Born & raised in Tasmania, Australia both Aaron & Greer had grown up close together yet it was not until they both independently committed their Heart & their life to honouring their Soul's whispers, that their paths met.

It's been Aaron & Greer's direct experience that each of us have access to an inner compass that acts as a portal through which our inner wisdom arises & guides us. This spiritual guidance system is our 'heart's knowing', and will always lead us to make the highest choice.

Their lives have fundamentally changed since meeting, & their relationship continues to be the greatest source & inspiration for their personal healing, awakening & Soul embodiment.  

Since the initial "Frequency Shift" workshop Aaron & Greer ran together in February 2017, they have gone on to run multiple transformation retreats, couples retreats & spiritual workshops in Australia & New Zealand, as well as online Self-Awakening courses with clients from around the globe. 

They now manage Soul Love Online together from their home in Tasmania whilst caring for Greer's two daughters half of the time, and preparing for the arrival of their Son by the end of 2019. 

They bring with them wisdom from our own lineage as well as thousands of hours of training, studying, practicing & embodiment. They are committed to their ongoing path of expansion & awakening, and to share all that they learn from their life & professional experiences with those they serve. 

The intention of their work is to assist in the birthing of a new consciousness here on Earth: Through the awakening of hearts; the inner union of Masculine and Feminine energies; & deep Soul remembrance & embodiment. 

Their joint Mission is to bring the temples back into the Home; to make the home a Holy space where everyone can live with deep peace, whilst thriving on every level.

This is what Aaron & Greer bring to their work, and what they offer those they so support; so that you too may... Live & Love From Your Soul xx
 What Other Awesome People Are Saying About Aaron & Greer...

Josie Saunders

"Ever since I did worked with Aaron & Greer and did their course everything has changed. It's like I can always hear your voice now whenever I need support, & I think, "Yes, this is how I need to approach this".

Amelia Jones

"These two are just amazing. Since working with them I have completely transformed my life, met my twin flame and started a business to align with my purpose which is unfolding with ease, flow and grace! Thank you beautiful humans xxx"

Kellie Cochran

"Greer and Aaron have guided me in opening my heart to the love and awareness of my authentic self and universal energy".

Craig Marino

"Aaron & Greer’s support has been unbelievable.
What they’ve taught me about self discovery and the world around me is second to none & they’ve helped me to move forwards rather than repeating the same thing over and overI would advise anyone who feels a little bit stuck, lost or unsure of what to do next to go for it!

Simon Stubbs

The work with Aaron & Greer has been extraordinarily & without question life changing. In the past year I have developed a fantastic range of practical skills I can apply daily to better manage myself in stressful situations
I have a wonderful new loving appreciation of life, incredible people & experiences that enrich my experience daily. 

Sarah Williams

"I love how there’s no dogma or extremism. Everything is done with love and acceptance of everybody's belief systems, and there’s no “this is the right way” or forcing of certain beliefs. AND... I loved how the group of participants were able to stay connected after the program had finished. It’s been really POWERFUL for my ongoing integration".
If You're Ready To Make Some Change And Step Into Inner Fulfilment...
This Training Is Here To Serve You. See You On The Other Side ;)
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